Entrepreneurs: Beware The ‘Sales Prevention Department’!

Entrepreneurs, beware the Sales Prevention Department!

What is the Sales Prevention Department, you ask?

It’s the stupid things happening at our business that are causing us to lose sales we should otherwise win.

And EVERY business has a Sales Prevention Department, whether you realize it or not.

It could be that you have salespeople not properly following up on leads, information missing from your CRM that causes you to miss opportunities, broken processes that slow down your service delivery and cost you referrals, or nasty contract terms that are unnecessary and scaring away good clients.

Or, unfortunately, it could even be you. Yes, even as the owner of your business, you are most likely doing things that prevent you from winning more revenue.

It hurst, but it’s true!

In this podcast episode I discuss what you can do about it.

All the best,

Mike Cooch