How To Get More Freedom By Removing Friction From Your Business

The #1 reason why people say they started their business – or want to start a business – is because they believe it will give them more freedom.

Freedom to decide what you want to work on, who you work with, where you live, how often you travel, what time you get up in the morning, and how much money you make.

And a privately-owned business is still the #1 way in this world to create that freedom, which is why entrepreneurship is more popular than ever.

But not every business creates more freedom for the entrepreneur that started it. Some require constant operational attention. Others are fixed to a specific location, making it hard for the founder to travel or live where they’d like.

Every business has factors that limit its growth and the freedom it gives the entrepreneur – I call this ‘friction’.

In this episode, I talk about friction and how to remove it to create more freedom from your business. 

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Mike Cooch