How to Make the Right Decision Every Time

Jeff Bezos says that the higher your role is in the leadership of a company, the more you are just getting paid to make good quality decisions.

That’s your job – make decisions!

In fact, he only expects himself to make three good decisions each day.

As an entrepreneur running a smaller business, you have to do both the THINKING (making decisions) and the DOING. It’s my experience that way too much emphasis is put on the DOING.


Work harder!


That’s all DOING.

But an entrepreneur has to make good quality decisions, or all of the hustle in the world is just keeping you on a treadmill.

Do you expand into a new market?

Launch a new product?

Sell your business?

These are all critical decisions.

But do you have a FRAMEWORK or PROCESS for making high-quality decisions? My guess is no.

That’s why I think you’ll find the resource discussed in this episode incredibly helpful – I certainly have.

They are a summary of the key concepts I learned in a book called ‘The Right Decision Every Time’ – I HIGHLY recommend that you grab a copy.

I’ve also put together a downloadable template of the key framework from the book that you can download here .

All the best,

Mike Cooch