Our Purpose

We love entrepreneurship…that’s our passion.

If you’d rather be able to think of us purely as capitalist sharks that only cares about the almighty dollar…now is a good time to look away.

Avert your eyes!

Still with us? Ok…here goes:

We love entrepreneurship…that’s our passion.

We believe that entrepreneurs have the ability to create what we call ‘Evolved Capitalism’, a future where we have less large public companies and Wall Street calling the shots for entire communities and countries, and more of thriving small and medium-sized businesses operating with a sense of connection to the people they employ, the customers they serve, and the communities they live in.


Although an official definition of capitalism, as seen above, defines it as “an economic and political system where trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state”, we think of capitalism a little differently.

‘A Stake in the Outcome’

We believe that our economy is best when controlled by private owners who have ‘a stake in the outcome’, as entrepreneur Jack Stake so eloquently stated in his book by the same name.

When people understand how the work they do contributes to their neighbors and communities, they act and feel differently than when they can’t see the connection between their labor and how it ultimately benefits someone.

That’s largely been lost in our world of Fortune 1000 companies and Wall Street traders that view things only in terms of the latest quarterly results.

That’s why we believe in ‘Evolved Capitalism’.

In case that sounds a little fluffy, let’s be clear:

We are 110% for building kick-ass, competitive businesses that gush profits!

The cool thing (really freakin’ cool!) is that we live in an era where we can have both: kick-ass companies AND a more evolved approach to capitalism.

Thanks to the incredible advances of technology that enable us to automate more process, reach more people, and work when and where we want – we don’t have to choose between one or the other.

That’s awesome, and our Purpose is to play our part in advancing ‘Evolved Capitalism’ to businesses and communities around the world.