Vertical Domination

Most Digital Agencies, freelancers, consultants, and other service providers sell one prospect at a time and therefore grow slowly over time. But the fastest-growing businesses learn to focus on and dominate existing niche markets – and the marketing channels that exist in them – to grow much more quickly. In this course, Mike Cooch shares […]

Local Attention Engine

The Step-By-Step Foolproof Way To Generate Local Leads And Build Your Authority With Facebook™️ Ads…Without Spending A Fortune.

Content Blitzkrieg

This program is designed to help you Easily Create A Content Plan To Get More Attention, Build Your Brand, Position Your Business As The ‘Obvious Choice’ In Your Market…And Sell More! In this program, Mike will help you Build a ‘Content Moat’ around your business that separates you from the competition and gives you intellectual property that’s […]

Blitzkrieg Remarketing Campaign

Use This One ‘Self-Managing’ Facebook Ad Campaign To Dominate Your Market…Without A Big Budget Or An Ad Guru’s Help! In this campaign, Mike will show you step-by-step how to create a single evergreen campaign that is constantly working to build your brand, own the attention of your prospects, and drive more sales…on auto-pilot.

Prime The Pump Strategy

The complete strategy for getting very cheap Facebook ad clicks combined with high relevancy scores that you can use to sell just about anything. Exactly how to craft the content that people love and will ask you to share move of.

Local Instagram Acceleration

Instagram is The Most ‘Local’ Social Media Platform, And Building A Strong Instagram Presence is The Fastest And Easiest Way To Grow Your Local Influence And Get Prospects Coming To You! In this program, Mike will help you Build A Customer-Attracting Presence On Instagram In Just 30 Minutes Per Day!