The 4 Best HighLevel Services to Start a Digital Marketing Agency Fast

In this post, I’m going to show you the fastest, easiest high-level services package to get your digital agency started fast.

Start generating revenue and do it without a lot of complexity. Do it with some services that are easy to set up and easy to explain. You can sell them at relatively low price points because you’re going to get very good margins and it’s recurring automated revenue.

I’m also going to explain why you don’t want to just sell HighLevel as a SaaS platform. It’s a big mistake in most cases.

These services apply to just about every small business under the sun, so you’ve got a lot of great opportunities out there in the marketplace!

My Background Building Successful Service Businesses

Now if this is your first time here with me, my name is Mike Cooch. I’m the founder of

I built Services That Scale based on the strategies and tactics that I learned building two multi-seven-figure service businesses selling to the small business community:

  • One in IT Services
  • One in marketing services

The thing that I specialize in is creating what I call “productized services” – services that are packaged up very simply. They are based largely on automation and assets instead of time and talent. That allows you to build a business that can scale.

This is exactly what I did—making the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies three years in a row and exiting my business for multi-seven figures. I tell you this now just so if you’re new to me you know that what I’m teaching you here is based on real experience.

Service Package Design Worksheet

What I’m showing you here right now is a service package design worksheet that I have for my customers in my High Leverage Agency program.

Service Package Design Worksheet

My High Leverage Agency program is my complete system on how to use HighLevel to design, sell, and deliver marketing services to small businesses.

HighLevel is an absolute game changer in this industry, and the way I teach people to structure their services is based on what I call the four Rs.

The R4 Sales System Framework

The four Rs are:

  • Reputation
  • Resale
  • Reach
  • Retargeting

These are all just major themes around what small businesses should be doing with their marketing:

  • Building and enhancing their reputation
  • Reselling to their existing customer base
  • Reaching more prospects
  • Retargeting them

We also sometimes use “referral” instead of “retarget” there. So this is just a nice, simple structure to help you kind of organize and pitch things.

R4 Sales System Framework - HighLevel Services

The Problem With Offering Too Many Services

But because you can do so much, there are a couple of problems that can arise:

  1. People tend to throw the kitchen sink at small businesses, which just confuses them.
  2. Or the agencies themselves are confused about what the heck to offer—because there’s so much that they get overwhelmed.

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Introducing Fast Start Packages

So what I am showing you how to do here is what I call “fast start packages.”

Fast start packages:

  • Super, super simple
  • Very high value
  • Needed by just about every small business out there

The Services

Now what you see right here is a nice simple list of services compared to what I showed you before. But these are so high value for small businesses.

The Services

In the first row are features and functionality that you can offer to every single customer who is using HighLevel services through you in any way.

These are all fantastic tools that every small business should be using. And if they are using them right now and they’re paying some other piece of software to help them with this, they’re spending money on it.

And so you can easily offset the investment in your services by letting them know: “Hey look—you can just use our software now”.

So this is just a nice kind of table-stakes set of capabilities that you can offer to every single one of your customers:

  • CRM
  • Opportunity pipeline management
  • Universal inbox—which is where you get all of your conversations with your prospects and customers on email, SMS, and all your social platforms in one inbox, so you don’t miss any conversations
  • Some nice reporting
  • Task management

These are all things that every single customer who signs up with you can take advantage of. So that right there is a tremendous amount of value. Especially when you look at how much these tools cost in the marketplace on their own.

Capturing Leads

Now in this fast-start list of services, there are only certain capabilities that you’re going to set up and offer your small business customers.

If you think about what every small business needs to do—and most of them are doing a terrible job about it—they need to capture prospects, right? Build their list.

And they need to follow up with that list.

They also need to do some sort of engagement with inbound opportunities that are coming to them, so they don’t miss out on the work that they’re currently doing to build their business.

And the reality is (this is a shocking number) that about 65 percent of inbound calls to small businesses don’t get picked up.

Crazy, when you consider how desperate most small businesses are for money and how much they’re struggling, and they’re not picking up 65 percent of their phone calls!

That’s tragic.

So the critical services that I’m sharing with you are:

SMS List Building

Help them capture more leads and build their list using SMS in particular. SMS is by far the most powerful way to communicate with prospects now to get a response from them.

SMS List Building

Responding to Missed Calls Via Text

It shows you how to make sure that the small business is responding to every single inbound call that comes their way—even if they can’t pick it up in real-time— by automatically texting back the prospect or customer so that they can re-engage them fast.

Birthday Resell Campaign

And then a resell campaign based on the prospect’s birthday that you can use to help them have a reason to make sure that they’re reaching back out to all of their prospects and customers throughout the year.

As an example, I eat out at restaurants in San Diego three times a week, at a minimum, and I have probably only three restaurants that are consistently following up with me.

That’s it. And I eat hundreds of them over the year—it’s ridiculous!

So just helping small businesses follow up based on a prospect or customer’s birthday will make a huge difference. And you can do that with complete automation in HighLevel. Really, slick.

Bonus: Call Tracking

And then as kind of a bonus here, you can offer call tracking.

Call tracking is super valuable, and it’s a feature that you’re going to have turned on anyway, based on these other capabilities, so it’s something that you can show them that’s attractive. You can tie it to marketing campaigns and show them ROI and things like that.

Why You Want Simple vs Complex Services

So it’s important to understand why you want to sell these simple services instead of just selling software as a service.

If you’re selling software as a service, you have a couple of big problems:

  1. You’re selling a commodity—there are now thousands of agencies growing fast every day that all have access to the same software platform that can put their logo on it and now they have the same thing to offer as you do. You never want to be in the business of just selling a commodity. That’s a terrible business model!
  2. Most small businesses simply do not understand what to do with these tools. If they understood them, they would be having success with tools already in the marketplace. But most small businesses are not using them because they don’t know how.

They don’t understand how to use them and they don’t understand how to get the benefit from them.

So instead of just selling software, what you want to do is pitch something I call a “system as a service” instead of software as a service.

Sell a Complete Solution System

A system is a complete solution—it’s got all of the components to be a complete solution.

Sell a Complete Solution System

Yes, you’re giving them the software, but you’re also developing some campaign strategies on top of there. And you’re also providing some services where you’re going to configure these things properly and set them up.

So they have active marketing campaigns that are happening through these tools—not just the tools themselves that they then have to figure out what to do with.

By selling these services you’re helping that small business customer get to the point of benefit that they’re looking for. Once they have that point of benefit then they’re in there using the software every day, and they’ll keep paying you for years to come.

But if you just sell them the software and say “Here you go…” the small businesses are going to struggle, and they’re going to cancel on you. And they’re not going to even understand why they should sign up with you versus somebody else.

Getting Them Started Fast

So we’ve got to start with these very simple services to get them in and get them hooked and get them the benefits.

But the great thing is these services are also simple. They’re all based entirely on automation. So once you set them up once for the customer they just run.

Those are the fast-start HighLevel services that I recommend that you start.

Remember: Tons of Options Can Be Overwhelming

HighLevel has so much capability it is revolutionizing this industry but what happens is a lot of people get stuck. There are so many options they can’t figure out what to pitch or how to design their service packages.

They end up confusing themselves which ends up meaning that the prospect is confused. And again…a confused mind doesn’t buy.

So we want to keep it simple. These are killer value propositions that—looking at 95% of small businesses in your market—if they were just doing these things consistently, you could probably add 25% revenue to their business over the next year which is crazy growth.

An Awesome Starting Point

So this is an awesome set of capabilities to get out of the door right away with HighLevel. To get on your way towards seven figures if you get out there and hustle and take full advantage of this system and these strategies.

So in summary, these fast-start service packages help you start simple but offer tremendous value to small businesses. They address critical needs around capturing more leads, following up consistently, and leveraging built-in capabilities.

All the best,

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ServicesThatScale CEO, Mike Cooch has worked with small businesses his entire career and has a passion for helping them grow and thrive.

He has founded successful, seven-figure businesses in technology services, agency services, publishing, and ecommerce.

His businesses have been leaders in creating, selling, and delivering 'productized services' that scale, landing them on the INC 5000 list of fastest growing companies three years in a row, and enabling him to sell his business for a successful exit.

He has three children, is an avid skier, hiker and traveler, and is loving life in his new hometown of San Diego.