Are You B.O.L.D.?

We love working with entrepreneurs to help them use leverage to build a business that gives them more freedom, more money, and more impact. Nothing is more fun and rewarding.

But you’ve got to be the right fit.

Our ideal customers are what we call B.O.L.D. Entrepreneurs ™️ (B.O.L.D. stands for Business Ownership + Lifestyle Design…that’s what we’re all about!). Here are the qualities that define them:


Have A Growth Mindset

…operating from a sense of optimism, possibility, and continuous improvement.

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Want To Build ‘Lifestyle Businesses’

…a business that is built primarily to give you more freedom, more money, and more impact – on your terms.

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Are Always On Offense

…continuously striving to grow and improve, driven by a hunger to pursue a vision that excites you.

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Are Resourceful and Accountable

…realizing that no training course or coach is going to have all of the answers for you. You are ultimately responsible for your actions and outcomes.


Take Action

…we want to work with entrepreneurs, not students! Entrepreneurs are defined by action!

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Balance Urgency and Patience

…striving to reach goals with action today, but with a long-term mindset to see it through.


Are a ‘Force of Nature’

…you don’t take no for an answer, you run through walls to achieve your goals, and you’re willing to put in the time, energy, focus, and hard work necessary to be successful even when others may doubt that it’s worth it.