10 Big Lessons from 2020 for Entrepreneurs

I think I can safely say that we are all glad to say goodbye to 2020 – what a mess of a year in so many ways.

But, as with all challenging situations, there were a lot of good lessons to take from the year.

I found ten lessons from 2020 that I thought were particularly valuable for entrepreneurs. Here they are:

  1. Life isn’t fair! Or, it’s brutally fair, depending on how you look at it.
  2. Only the paranoid survive – Andy Grove.
  3. Survivors practice the Stockdale Paradox.
  4. Bite-sized short-term goals are sometimes better than big visions.
  5. Own your communication channel to your customers. Here’s your role model…
  6. Simple, repeatable messages win. Let me say that again…simple, repeatable messages win. Just to be sure I’m clear here: simple, repeatable messages win. 😉
  7. Fully leverage the Internet and automation…or have a REALLY GOOD strategic reason why you aren’t!
  8. Be ready for rainy days. Here’s how…
  9. If you have your health, you have everything.
  10. Carpe Diem.

I hope they are as valuable for you as they were for me!

All the best,

Mike Cooch