How to Build the Life and Business of Your Dreams with Nehal Kazim – Founder of

In this episode, I interview Nehal Kazim – one of my favorite entrepreneurs ever!

I first met Nehal when he was still in college. He was hustling to provide for his family while still in school and had come to my Sales Bootcamp event in Denver, CO to learn how to build a sales process to grow his business.

That kind of drive and willingness to invest in himself is what has always set Nehal apart from other people.

Since then, he’s gone on to build a very successful Facebook advertising agency –

But it’s the WAY that he’s accomplished his success that I think is most inspiring.

He is a perfect example of what I call a B.O.L.D. Entrepreneur (that stands for Business Ownership + Lifestyle Design – using your business to fuel the life that you want).

He has very deliberately designed his dream life and used his business to give him the ability to live it.

He’s a true ‘digital nomad’, that is now living in Colombia. He’s learned to dance the Salsa, and met the woman of his dreams. And most importantly, he’s giving back to people in ways that will give him a huge impact.

This interview has SO MANY lessons for today’s entrepreneur, and I think his story will inspire anyone with a pulse!

Be BOLD, take action, and get it done!

All the best,

Mike Cooch