Top 10 Profitable HighLevel Features for Digital Marketing Agencies

Discover the Blueprint to Scaling Your Agency Profitably

Digital agency owners selling to the small business community know better than anyone how difficult it can be to build a consistently profitable business model. Now High-level features help agencies.

You want to be able to sell high-value services to clients, make a great living, and scale your agency over time. But doing this profitably, without pulling your hair out or burning out your team, is tough without the right systems in place.

A platform like HighLevel changes everything because it is hands down the most robust all-in-one software ecosystem purpose-built to help agencies automate, systematize, and scale client services profitably.

These powerful High-level features enable agencies to:

  • Onboard clients faster
  • Deliver services more efficiently
  • Create consistent high-margin recurring revenue
  • Save huge amounts of time and money
  • And much more

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll do a deep dive into the 10 most game-changing high-level features for digital agencies and how they can supercharge your profitability and growth.

1. Unlimited Customer Accounts

One of the most powerful aspects of HighLevel is that their Agency Unlimited plan allows you to add an unlimited number of client accounts to the platform, with the ability to charge each client whatever price you want on a monthly recurring basis.

Unlimited Customers Accounts

This means you can onboard and manage as many clients as you want without any per-account fees or incremental costs to you.

So the revenue from each new client drops straight to your bottom line, allowing you to scale up fast.

For example, you pay $297 per month for the Agency Unlimited plan, but then you charge each client $100, $300, $500 per month—or whatever you want—for access to the high-level platform. With no added costs to support more accounts, that quickly adds up to very healthy agency revenue.

And because HighLevel handles automating and managing much of the ongoing client work, you don’t need to scale up your team 1:1 as you add more accounts.

This is a game changer in terms of profitability, efficiency, and scalability.

With other agency management platforms, you pay per seat or per account, so profits get eaten up quickly. But HighLevel solves this problem for agencies and is an incredible business model enabler.

2. Snapshots

Another High-level feature that makes a massive impact on agency efficiency and profitability is Snapshots. 

Snapshots allow you to create templates or “snapshots” of any assets you want, including:

  • Websites
  • Landing pages
  • Lead generation funnels
  • Email sequences
  • SMS campaigns
  • Retargeting ads
  • Automation
  • And much more…

You build each Snapshot once as a template and can then deliver it to new client accounts with one click.

This allows you to rapidly set up new client accounts with all assets and campaigns already loaded in, configured, and ready to launch.


For example, you could build a Snapshot for the healthcare industry that contains:

  • A custom healthcare website
  • Healthcare-specific landing pages
  • Lead nurture email sequences
  • SMS appointment reminder sequences
  • Facebook/Google retargeting ads
  • And any other assets and automation commonly used for healthcare

Then, when you sign on a new healthcare client, simply drop your healthcare Snapshot into their new account. Boom… instant setup with a full healthcare marketing ecosystem up and running in minutes.

It looks like you did all the hard work of building those assets, but really all you did was take a picture of an existing template and install it into the new account.

This ability to templatize your core offerings into Snapshot bundles is an enormous efficiency gain for agencies.

It allows you to onboard clients faster, make their investments go further, and deliver amazing results quicker—all while requiring far less grunt work on your end.

3. SaaS Mode

Another pillar of HighLevel’s profitability toolkit is its unique “SaaS Mode” feature.

SaaS Mode allows you to customize and sell access to HighLevel accounts and features while presenting them as your own branded software and packages.

You control:

  • The plans/packages you offer
  • Exact features included in each plan
  • Monthly or annual pricing for each plan
  • Number of user seats
  • Add-on credits for SMS, Email, etc.
  • And much more

So you can configure and sell high-level accounts tailored to your ideal clients and market.


With your own branded client portal, custom pricing, packages, and features—all created effortlessly with the drag-and-drop interface—it looks and feels to clients like your own proprietary software platform.

This delivers incredible value to clients and allows you to command premium recurring SaaS pricing.

Just like a true SaaS business, you earn passive revenue each month while clients continue renewing access to use “your” platform.

4. Services Marketplace

No agency can possibly offer every in-demand service in-house. This is where HighLevel’s Services Marketplace comes in extremely handy.

The Marketplace gives you instant access to a vast array of done-for-you services you can purchase and markup for resale to your clients.

We’re talking things like:

  • Web design
  • Funnel building
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • SEO audits
  • PPC management
  • Social media management
  • PR services
  • Training programs
  • And much more…

You simply find and purchase the specific services your clients need, mark them up to build in your profit margin, and then resell them as your own agency services.

This allows you to provide a full suite of digital offerings without needing extensive in-house capabilities in every niche service.

The Services Marketplace

The HighLevel Services Marketplace contains top providers across all the most in-demand services small businesses need today.

You get to focus on sales and strategy while trusted pros handle service delivery.

This is one of the absolute best ways to scale up service offerings efficiently.

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5. Copy Assets Between Accounts

Here’s a small but incredibly High-level feature – the ability to easily copy campaigns, landing pages, templates, and other assets between client accounts.

Let’s say you create an exceptionally high-converting landing page or email funnel for one particular client. With HighLevel, you can copy that asset over to any other client accounts instantly from within your central agency dashboard with just a couple of clicks.

This makes it fast and easy to take winning campaigns that perform well for one client and implement them for others.

Copy Assets Between Accounts

The ability to quickly duplicate and tweak assets is an enormous time and energy saver for agencies.

It minimizes the redundant work of recreating things from scratch each time.

The more you can create efficiencies around replicating and optimizing assets, the more profitable you become.

6. Custom Values

With HighLevel’s Custom Values, you can easily centralize and manage variables used across campaigns and assets using dynamically updating placeholders.

Some examples of things you would create Custom Values for:

  • Client Website URL
  • Client phone number
  • Client’s physical address
  • Client social media profiles
  • Contact email address
  • Landing page URLs
  • Asset links
  • And any other text variables commonly used
Custom Values

The benefit is that when you need to update any of these values, you simply update the master Custom Value source once, and it flows out automatically to all assets systemwide.

So, anywhere that Custom Value is used would pull the actual website URL dynamically from the centralized source.

For example, you could create a Custom Value called [CLIENT-WEBSITE-URL] 

If the client changes their website URL, you update it in one spot, and the change then propagates instantly everywhere.

This saves massive time on asset management and updates.

Custom Values are a total game changer for efficiency and scale.

7. Markup Phone & Email Services

For any successful small business, communication services like phone calls, text messaging, and email marketing tend to scale up over time.

HighLevel allows you to markup and resell phone calls, SMS messages, emails sent, and other communication services directly to your clients each month.

Markup Phone  & Email Services

So, as your clients naturally grow their usage of these services, your agency gets to earn recurring revenue on every call, text, email, etc.

This delivers huge value to clients by handling their communication needs while you earn excellent passive revenue each month with no extra effort on your part.

8. Hosting & Software Services

Within HighLevel, you also have the ability to resell web hosting services (like WordPress hosting) and 3rd party software services (like Yext listings management).

This means you can become a one-stop-shop agency handling all web, software, and marketing needs for clients.

WordPress Hosting

Most businesses stick with the same hosting provider and SaaS subscriptions for years on end, so offering these services allows you to tap into very stable, recurring revenue streams.

You can essentially act as the outsourced IT and marketing department for clients by consolidating all services under your agency.

This adds tremendous value for clients while earning your agency very healthy margins on services clients are already paying for anyway.

9. Lead Connector

Many clients who come to you will already have an existing website through WordPress, Wix, or another platform.

In the past, if you wanted to integrate the highly converting landing pages and funnels you build in HighLevel, you’d have to migrate the client’s site over to new hosting and rebuild the site.

This was slow, disruptive, and often met with resistance from clients who didn’t want to overhaul their current site.

HighLevel’s Lead Connector plugin solves this, allowing you to seamlessly connect your HighLevel landing pages and funnels to any existing client website or platform with just a few clicks.

WordPress Lead connector Plugin

So, your high-converting HighLevel pages work hand-in-hand with the client’s current site, providing better results without requiring an expensive and time-consuming rebuild.

Lead Connector makes client onboarding far more smooth and efficient while enabling you to deliver results faster.

10. HighLevel Community

One of the hardest parts about building an agency is trying to figure everything out on your own, which can feel very challenging and isolating at times.

HighLevel solves this by offering an incredibly supportive and engaging community of thousands of agency owners and partners.

Inside the Facebook community group, you gain access to:

  • Advanced educational resources and training
  • Case studies and best practices
  • Advice and answers from the HighLevel team
  • Peer support and connections
  • Events and meetups
  • And much more
The High-level Community and Team

This community accelerates your learning curve tremendously and gives you a built-in support network.

No more struggling alone!

The team at HighLevel is deeply involved day-to-day, providing hands-on help and expertise that guides your success.

The community and culture they’ve built create an amazing environment to help agencies grow faster.

Start Driving More Profit for Your Agency Today

As you can see, HighLevel is absolutely packed with profit-boosting features to help your agency systemize, automate, and scale client services better than any other platform available.

If you’re looking to simplify operations, speed up onboarding, improve efficiency, and increase recurring revenue, HighLevel is an absolute must-have.

And their team provides exceptional training, coaching, and community support that you won’t find anywhere else.

There’s no better partner for results-driven agencies.

To learn more about how HighLevel can transform your agency’s profitability and growth, visit and explore its excellent free training resources.

The platform combines best-in-class software with genuine care and commitment to your agency’s success.

I hope this post will help you leverage HighLevel’s powerful features to drive your agency’s profits so you can simplify workflows, speed up onboarding, and focus on strategy rather than day-to-day tasks.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to explain any part of Highlevel and how it can help your agency achieve its goals.

All the best,

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