3 Simple Services You Can Offer With HighLevel to Get Customers Fast

Level-Up Your Agency With HighLevel

Digital marketing agencies are always looking for new ways to provide value to clients and generate more revenue. Or maybe you’re a freelancer, and you want more customers and recurring revenue without sacrificing time or undervaluing your talent.

One of the best solutions is HighLevel, a powerful platform for managing marketing campaigns and services. In this article, we’ll show you three simple, profitable services agencies can sell with HighLevel.

What Makes a Great “Foot-in-the-Door” Service?

A foot-in-the-door service quickly turns a prospect into a customer by offering high value at a low cost. Once they become a customer, they’re more likely to trust you and buy again.


An ideal foot-in-the-door service has three key traits:

Easy to Understand

When you ​sell digital ​marketing agency services, ​you may ​face some challenges.

Some of these services like SEO and automation funnels may be unfamiliar to your small business prospects, and you may need ​to educate ​them before you ​can sell ​them anything. This ​can take ​time and money.

That’s why a foot-in-the-door service should be simple and easily understood.


A low-cost service helps you get in the door quickly.

The prospect can easily decide without worrying about their budget. The idea is to make it as easy as buying a candy barthey don’t overthink it, they just grab it.

Although it might not be quite that spontaneous, a low-priced service should allow customers easy, stress-free payment without losing any sleep.

Fast Results

A foot-in-the-door service should deliver results quickly so that the benefits of your service become clear as soon as possible. Learn to earn $10k/month with a high level.

The prospect will be happy and impressed, thinking, “Wow, these people are good—I can see the value in spending money with them. What else can they do for me?

It shouldn’t take months to show results. Choose something you can start and finish quickly.

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3 Profitable high-level services for Digital Agencies

HighLevel is a great platform for agencies targeting small businesses.

It enables cost-effective, efficient, scalable service delivery. Easily create and repeat services while charging low prices for good profits.

Here are 3 money-making services you can sell using HighLevel:

1. Live Chat Widget

The chat widget on your sales page engages visitors, captures leads, and enables easy follow-up. Customize it to request names, numbers, messages, etc., and set up automated or mobile responses.

This service is easy to install and use. Simply add a small code to your website, and you’re ready to go.

Live Chat Widget

You can see the impact of this service right away as visitors have a better experience, and you get more sales opportunities.

Offer it for a low price, say between $47 and $97 a month, and you have a fast, high-value foot in the door.

2. Boomerang SMS

This is ​a service ​that helps you ​capture and ​follow up with ​the leads ​who call your ​phone number.

Many small businesses lose up to 60% of calls from potential customers. Sometimes ​they are ​too busy or ​understaffed to ​answer the phone. ​Sometimes they ​don’t check their ​voicemail or ​call back in ​time. With ​the Boomerang SMS ​service, you ​can avoid these ​problems.

Use HighLevel and Twilio to set up this service easily and cheaply.

You can assign each customer a number for only $1 to display on their website, social media, etc. If they don’t answer, callers get an automatic customized text message, making it easy for them to start a text conversation and follow up quickly using an app on their computer or mobile.

Boomerang SMS - Grow your Business with HighLevel

This service will help you improve response rates and customer satisfaction.

Offer it for somewhere between $47-$97 a month for another effective foot in the door that delivers fast results for your customers.

3. Free Website

Many small businesses need a new website but don’t want high costs or a long wait. Offer a free, beautiful, functional website that’s easy to set up.

Use HighLevel’s templates for different industries or create your own, customizing it with the client’s brand assets and content. Launch a website in minutesjust create an account, choose a template, and hit launch.

Live Chat Widget - Grow your business with HighLevel

The website is hosted by HighLevel, and you don’t pay anything for it.

Add Boomerang SMS and chatbot services to capture more leads from the website. Show customers how the website becomes a sales and marketing tool and then offer the website for free while charging $97 a month or more for hosting and access to tools.

This impresses clients and makes them want more from you: a really powerful foot in the door!

Client Website -Grow Small Business with HighLevel

Accelerate Growth With HighLevel

These three amazing food-in-the-door services help digital agencies get more customers, revenue, and value. Deliver them efficiently with HighLevel’s many tools and features that allow you to create and repeat services quickly and profitably.

With HighLevel, you can sell scalable, high-margin services based on automation and assetsnot just your own time and talent. Offer solutions and results, not just services.

Take your agency to the next level today!

All the best,

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