How to Use HighLevel to Get to $10K/ Month at Your Agency FAST!

Running an agency can feel like a relentless treadmill. You started eager to help businesses by providing hands-on services. But with every new client, you add, selling your time and talent backfires.

Days fill up serving demanding customers. No free cycles remain to step back, catch your breath, and strategize better ways to operate.

What if instead of selling hours of work, you could create systems that run on autopilot to serve customers? Systems that generate recurring revenue streams without eating up your bandwidth?

This post reveals how to transform your agency to effortlessly clear $10k or more in monthly recurring revenue. Without adding stressful new service offerings. Or becoming some high ticket guru.

Agency “Freedom Day”

What revenue mark signifies being ready to quit your job and go all-in growing your agency?

I’ve found that $10,000 per month is the magic number. Hit it consistently, and you gain the financial security to invest fully in your entrepreneurial future.

Agency Freedom Day

Surpassing $10k monthly means your agency can fully support you. No longer dependent on a day job or side clients, you can focus energy on scaling up vs scrambling to cover costs.

It’s a huge milestone. But how to reach it ASAP without taking drastic measures?

Too many supposedly easy agency growth strategies backfire. Like bolting on some trendy high-ticket offer before you can deliver it properly.

As tempting as a lucrative new service sounds, going outside your wheelhouse risks disaster. You may lack the skills and systems to fulfill promises. And failure severely damages your reputation.

We need an approach to $10k monthly that aligns with scaling up sustainably. Adding proven services that reliably generate recurring revenue month over month…

The Solution Hiding in Plain Sight

The answer lies in packaging your current services into signature systems.

I’m going to show you exactly how to make that shift.

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The Problem With Trading Time for Dollars

Most agencies fall into the trap of selling custom services. They believe tailored, specialized projects demonstrate premium value. But custom work doesn’t scale.

Each new client competes for a finite resource—your agency team’s time. Without structure, clients demand ever-increasing attention till you’re run ragged.

Days fill up putting out fires instead of moving the business forward. No time remains for innovation, systems, or additional revenue streams. You’re stuck on a hamster wheel hustling to cover payroll.

Many assume escaping this cycle requires adding lucrative new offerings like high-ticket coaching. But additional services only worsen the workload strain. Now, there are even more client deliverables to manage per sale.

This broken model needs rethinking.

Problem With Trading Time for Dollars

Signature Systems—The Agency Scaling Secret

To scale profitably as an agency, you must shift from selling manual time and talent…to systematized services. Services efficiently delivered through proven frameworks, not fully customized efforts.

Enter signature systems—your agency’s packaged frameworks for consistent client success.

With a software platform like HighLevel, you can deliver services like:

  • Websites and website hosting funnels
  • Landing pages
  • SMS and email marketing services
  • Reputation marketing services
  • Social media management
  • Universal inbox
  • CRM sales pipeline management

Based on HighLevel tools, these services are automated and don’t require your time and talent to deliver, yet the customer is getting tremendous value from them.

We all know we get a lot of value out of software, but here’s the key distinction—and why I call this a signature system. You’re going to create your own version with value that differentiates you from any other high-level reseller out there.

And the way that you do that is by layering assets on top of HighLevel to bring value over and above the tools system.

Most small businesses can’t sit down with a set of tools like HighLevel and just start marketing their business. They don’t have the expertise to design a sales funnel or website, create copy for campaigns, set up SMS follow-up sequences, etc. This is where you come in with your signature system and create all of that for the industry you’re targeting.

This differentiation and added value is what ultimately convinces clients to buy and remain loyal long-term.

With some upfront design investment, you can create tailored templates for each industry you serveyour signature suite dialed specifically to amplify profits in that niche. You’re still going to need some minor customizations for each new client, but 90% of the work is already done.

Now let’s explore how signature systems facilitate fast recurring revenue growth…

The Audit & Surge Model

Savvy agencies anchor new client engagements with an upfront audit and surge campaign. This includes:

  1. An audit evaluating their current marketing and sales systems. Then provide an action plan for leveling up results based on proven frameworks. Perceived value $2,500+.
  2. Immediate implementation of new automated systems launching their action plan through HighLevel (the surge). Perceived value $5,000–$15,000+ depending on assets included, like websites, workflows, and campaigns.

Though HighLevel’s templates enable incredibly fast setups, clients feel invested after large upfront payments. You earn substantial revenue through these engagements. And attention given to a proper launch ensures clients embrace using the new systems.

Just 4 surge deals per month at $2,500 average nets $10k upfront. Now add ongoing recurring fees…

But how do you enlist small businesses to make large upfront investments? Like any perceived discount, it’s about anchoring packaged value way higher before dropping the actual price.

The Audit & Surge Model

Let’s say your signature system audit and launch is truly worth $15,000 based on assets and labor needed in an ideal world.

Quote $25,000 as the retail cost before dropping to $15,000 after their “discount.” Now $15k feels easily justifiable since they “saved” $10k.

Incentivize Pre-Payment With Discounts

You may need additional capital to keep cash flow solid during the scaling phases. Savvy agencies generate that incentive via annual pre-payment discounts.

This both gives you substantial upfront capital…and locks in higher-quality clients more apt to follow through using your systems.

Per the excellent book Sales Acceleration Formula, pre-paid clients have a greater ability to invest in growth. And once they’ve written that first check, are more committed to proper implementation.

An average $500/month signature system totals $6,000 per year. Offer 20% off for pre-payment and pocket $5,000 cash now.

Combine pre-pay deals with audit/launch revenue to quickly accumulate over $10,000 monthly even as your recurring grows.

Again, smart anchoring makes the discount irresistible. Perhaps your $6,000 signature system is priced at $7,200 unless they prepay and “save” $1,200. Frame the discount around mandatory costs they face regardless, and it becomes a no-brainer decision.

Grow Your Agency on Autopilot

In summary, moving from unscalable time-for-hire work to systemized services through signature systems enables steady, solvent growth.

Package what you currently offer into templates, automation, and frameworks delivered through HighLevel. Then earn substantial cash upfront while locking in ongoing recurring fees.

This agency model works, so you don’t have to. Follow this framework to sustainably clear $10k monthly without the headaches.

If you’re devoted to growth through sweat and grind, selling time for ever-shrinking margins, this path isn’t for you.

But for agencies committed to scaling profitably through smart systems over staff burnout, it’s time to start packaging what you offer into signature automated solutions.

You don’t need complex additional offerings right now. Apply these principles to a portion of new clients and continuously refine them based on measurable results.

Over time, you will organically develop the exact automated sequences, service pricing, and delivery mechanisms to achieve your revenue goals…in perfect alignment with an empowering, freedom-filled lifestyle.

All the best,

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