Cracking the Code on Building Profitable HighLevel Service Packages

If your end goal is to build a marketing agency that runs on autopilot, then recurring revenue services need to be the core foundation.

Personally, I’ve used automated high-level service packages to scale multiple agencies past 7-figures while maximizing hands-off profitability.

In this post, I’ll give you an inside look at my proven framework for structuring crazy profitable high-level service packages anchored around recurring revenue.

The Problem With One-Off Campaigns

Most amateur agencies focus heavily on delivering one-off campaigns and shooting off some Google Ads. Post occasionally on social media. Crank out an email promo. Complete a direct mail piece.

But the problem with these projects is that they require your active effort while profits stop as soon as they wrap up. It puts you on a revenue rollercoaster tied to selling new services month after month just to keep revenue flowing.

The Recurring Revenue Solution

The real money players structure their agencies around ONGOING retainers focused on marketing activities happening automatically in the background 24/7.

I’m talking about High-level service packages like:

  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Customer retargeting sequences
  • Automated ROI tracking dashboards
  • Reputation monitoring & response across the web
  • Intelligent chatbots
  • Review generation & management
  • Appointment booking engines
  • Referral & loyalty programs
  • Lifecycle email campaigns
  • SMS text message funnels

These recurring revenue machines create stickier client relationships, require less day-to-day effort, and enable scalability. If you never sell another service, focusing on retention and bringing back existing customers is an amazing business model!

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Introducing The R4 Framework

Through years of optimizing agency growth, I developed my R4 system to help logically automate High-level service packages in a way that nails recurring revenue while demonstrating expertise.

R4 stands for the 4 pillars of a rock-solid marketing strategy:

  • Reputation
  • Resell
  • Reach
  • Retarget

Here’s what activities fall under each area:

Reputation = perception—the first impression engine

This includes anything feeding into credibility: website design, positive Google reviews, solid branding, responsive features, site speed, etc. Reputation establishes trust and is the critical foundation. No one does business with shady-looking strangers!

Resell = customer nurturing & repeat sales

Dedicated campaigns promoting loyalty, referrals, win-back offers, re-engagement, and bringing previous buyers back for more fall under Resell.

Reach = lead generation

Typical lead gen activities like social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click ads, email marketing, direct mail, and anything driving NEW visitors/prospects are categorized under Reach.

Retarget = segmented follow-up

Creating tailored messaging sequences and remarketing ads to stay top of mind with past site visitors rounds out the retarget section.

Now, the key takeaway here is that:

👉 Reputation and Resell make up the automated recurring revenue core of packages
👉 Additional Reach and Retarget services get layered on next

The reason is that retention and loyalty operate very hands-off while increasing the perceived value of everything else you offer. This builds in “stickiness” from the start.

Cracking the Code on Building Profitable HighLevel Service Packages

Let me walk through some real-world examples…

💰 Package Idea #1: Communication Credit Model

One straightforward model is to base plans on the number of included communication credits per month—things like SMS texts, voice calls, and emails that often comprise automation.

You could structure this like:

Basic Plan:

  • 150 Credits
  • Reputation Kit
  • Resell Kit
  • $297/mo

Pro Plan:

  • 350 Credits
  • Reputation Kit
  • Resell Kit
  • $597/mo

Premium Plan:

  • 600 Credits
  • Reputation Kit
  • Resell Kit
  • $997/mo

The key benefit here is that overages beyond included credits mean pure profit.

Does a Pro Plan customer send 500 emails? Bill them for the 350 included, then tack on 150 overage emails at your marked-up rate. Recurring revenue scales up automatically alongside usage and demand without added work!

💰 Package Idea #2: Social Media Agency

For socially focused agencies, use the recurring base and then upsell posting/content:

Foundation Plan

  • Reputation Kit
  • Resell Kit
  • $297+/mo

Acceleration Plan

  • Content Calendar
  • Posting Services
  • $997 – $1497/mo

Domination Plan

  • Influencer Promos
  • Paid Social
  • $1997 – $2497/mo

The priority here is leading with automated recurring services before offering ad hoc social posting and content development.

This builds in retention and perceived value upfront before layering on optional services tied to manual effort and overhead.

💰 Package Idea #3: Paid Ad Management Agency

The same model works for paid ad/PPC agencies by flipping the order:

Foundation Plan

  • Reputation Kit
  • Resell Kit
  • $297+/mo

Acceleration Plan

  • Ad Management
  • Retargeting Ads
  • $597 – $997/mo

Domination Plan

  • Social Posting
  • Content Creation
  • $1497 – $1997/mo

Front-loading with recurring services prevents client loss if ad spending is ever paused while keeping program fees reliable.

How to Demonstrate Value

When initially engaging prospects, let their current efforts guide you into an R4 overview:

You: “Walk me through what marketing tactics you currently have underway…

Client: “We manage our own social media pages, sharing updates occasionally. We tried Google Ads without much traction. And we mail printed catalogs quarterly to stay top of mind.”

You: “Very common. Most small business owners struggle to sustain growth taking an ad hoc approach without fully integrated marketing systems centralized in one place. We’ve found 4 components that, when executed correctly, really accelerate results.”

Then, walk them through the R4 framework, something like this:

  1. The first piece is your online reputation—this heavily impacts rankings, credibility, and brand perception. Negative sentiment means lost prospects. Proactive management here is crucial.
  2. Once you have happy customers, you need bring-back offers and loyalty programs incentivizing repeat business. Repeats drive higher profit margins over the long term.
  3. Then you can expand reach through channels like social, ads, and outreach to efficiently attract more leads to scale the business.
  4. And finally, you need sequences that continually engage past site visitors to stay top of mind until they convert.

“We have automated solutions that handle each area so you get complete systems running smoothly without needing constant focus. That allows you to spend time on the parts of the business you enjoy most. Does starting there make sense?”

Try this approach out, and you will be blown away by the client response!

Additionally, you can address pricing objections that may come up:

Client: “This all sounds great, but it looks a bit expensive to have so many things being managed for us on an ongoing basis.

You: “I totally understand where you are coming from. Most of the business owners we work with initially felt the same way. But when you break things down based on the value being provided, the investment actually pays for itself very quickly…”

Walk through illustrating the ROI on elements like new lead generation, higher customer lifetime value, revenue recovered from lapsed clients, etc.

And explain how costs end up lower consolidated through you than a la carte options they are currently paying for or doing in-house.

Essentially you lead prospects through recognizing the gaps in their current approach, then position your services as the missing marketing systems needed to drive systematic growth vs one-off campaigns. This builds credibility and guides clients down the value path.

Cracking the Code on Building Profitable HighLevel Service Packages

There you have it—an overview of my proven framework for leveraging automation in HighLevel to deliver recurring revenue High-level service packages anchored around loyalty and retention.

All the best,

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