Agencies, This Is The Most Profitable Decision You’ll Make

Client service businesses of any sort—agencies, consulting, etc.—can be very rewarding business models when done right. Here we will discuss the most profitable decision you should make for your digital agency’s success.

When done poorly, they can not only suck the life out of you, (Invasion of your personal time, not following through on recommendations, disputing charges…anyone?!). but also end up being a poor business model with very little margin.

This is, unfortunately, the state of most digital agencies.

But all hope is not lost! You can learn how to start and run a profitable digital agency, and it starts with a single, simple decision.

One decision for a profitable agency

It may seem like a dramatic overstatement, but one simple decision is the answer to almost all of the problems you’ll potentially face in growing a profitable digital agency, and it’s illustrated perfectly in this recent chat conversation with one of our long-time customers:

Walk away.

Also, you must make a decision to set a standard for the kind of clients you are willing to work with, and those you’ll say ‘NO’ to even if they can pay your rates.

You must be able to walk away from clients who don’t fit your model, appreciate your services, or pay on time.

The ability to say ‘NO’ and walk away from bad client relationships is the single most profitable decision you’ll make in any client services business.

How to grow a profitable digital agency.

When a prospect sees you behaving like a hotel that’s full – and you simply aren’t going to be able to make room for them because they aren’t a good fit – you have taken a totally different position in their mind.

U aren’t desperate for their business. You are in control. You don’t need their business.

They have a choice: they can either be a ‘good client’, or they can go away, because ‘bad clients’ aren’t profitable.

It’s as simple as that.

When you have the guts to set a standard and operate by it, clients respect you.

They see you as an expert and professional that can’t be messed with, which creates a healthy dynamic in your relationship with them where they respect your time, your decisions, and your advice.

These are the kinds of high-quality clients you want to work with at your agency.

When every client at your agency is the highest quality possible, everything gets easier, and your business gets way more profitable.

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The Psychology of Success

The far majority of agencies that hear this advice fail to execute on it.


The reason really comes down to fear.

  • Fear that there won’t be another client to come along if you turn down this one…
  • Fear that it will hurt your reputation if you refuse to work with someone…
  • Fear that if you raise your standards, you won’t find anyone willing to work with you…
  • Fear that this decision to walk away can’t possibly have all of the great benefits Mike says it will!

It’s incredibly hard to be on offense when you are afraid.

How do you fix this?

By having growth strategies that you have confidence in, you always know that there are several deals waiting in your opportunity pipeline for every one that you say ‘No’ to.

I have a course called ‘Agency Acceleration’ where I share the most important growth strategies I’ve learned for this business, and I’m offering it for free right now.

Trust me and do it – you’ll thank me later!

All the best,

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