The MOST IMPORTANT Thing HighLevel Does For Digital Agencies

Hey, it’s Mike!

I’m going to share with you the number one thing that the HighLevel CRM software platform is doing to totally transform the digital agency business.

If you’re already in the digital agency business, or you’ve been doing your homework, you’re probably already aware of HighLevel. That’s because:

  • They have made a massive splash in this industry over the last couple of years.
  • They have thousands of digital agencies as customers already.
  • They have an incredibly intriguing value proposition.

Value Proposition No. 1: Integrated Functionality

High Level has given you a platform to automate and manage the sales and marketing of your agency. All in one very affordable platform.

  • A website builder
  • A funnel builder
  • SMS capability
  • Email capability
  • Review capability
  • Reputation capability
  • Calendar

All of these are integrated into one single platform at a very affordable price. No more paying for all of those separate tools at your agency. This one makes you look like a total pro!

It’s a single platform that lets you check your great metrics, what’s happening with your sales marketing process, where prospects are coming in, where they’re dropping off, and all of the metrics that you need in between.

Working with thousands of agencies over the years, I’ve seen some of them work really hard for the growth of their customers, but then they don’t have a really dialed-in automated sales and marketing process themselves which is, actually, critical for the industry.

HighLevel allows you to build a professional sales marketing process for your agency and do it at a very affordable price.

I’m a very big fan, which is why I’ve done so much business with them since they started, and I refer almost all of my Agency customers to them.

Value Proposition No. 2: Unlimited Customers

This is the one that really made HighLevel a major player in the industry very quickly. Not only did they give you all these incredible features in one platform, but they also allowed you to extend all of those incredible features and manage AS MANY customers as you want on the platform.

Using those features at a very attractive licensing model for the agency, this is where what HighLevel is doing becomes really clear.

HighLevel’s licensing model

With the HighLevel model, you can use the platform for your customers and not pay any additional fees to do so. You are given a massive opportunity to manage your customers through the platform with software-like margins of up to 90 to 100 percent, depending on exactly how you structure and use the software for your customers.

There’s no other platform like it in the industry that has the spirit of being all about the agency and helping it have the financial means to be truly successful.

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Value Proposition No.3: Software as a Service

This is the more recent one, and the whole industry is just going wild!

This is where HighLevel is rolling out a complete SaaS capability for the platform so that you can essentially offer the capabilities of HighLevel as a Software-as-a-service platform.

That is your brand, your design in terms of what specific features are included in there, and your price points it’s as if you’ve developed your own incredible software platform, but you don’t have to pay for all the development and you don’t have to manage a huge development team.

Software as a Service Business

We can take this platform and truly create the packages based on the platform and include whatever software features we want. We can also include marketing assets like campaigns and websites and funnel pages and things like that, and sell all of those to our customers for a flat monthly fee. Just like you’re used to with SaaS platforms.

High levels of favorable licensing for the agency allow you to make software-like margins without having to invest in your development team.

Value proposition no. 3 is shaking up the industry!

An absolute game-changer!

So, those are three incredible value propositions for any digital agency. You’ve now got the seven tools to manage your own business, deliver services, or sell software as a Service to your customer base.

It completely changes the agency business model to allow us to sell much more scalable recurring revenue services, where we have incredible margins and don’t have to trade our time for revenue.

Again, it’s generating that passive recurring revenue for us, where we’re not trading our time. An absolute game changer for the industry and, believe it or not, I don’t think that any of those three major value propositions are the big one.

But here’s THE BIG ONE!

The big one is that Highlevel is teaching everybody in the digital agency space that there are BETTER business models for digital marketing agencies. This is a major, major breakthrough for the industry, and you can see it in their community already.

Now that more agencies understand the possibility of including SaaS in their portfolio of services, more and more of those agencies are carefully evaluating what services they’ve been offering and who they’ve been offering to and thinking,

You know what, there’s a better way for me to run this business, dealing with clients where I’m selling my time for money! Providing very hands-on customized services to them is not a very good business model.

The reality is that in the small business space, the agency business model is not a good business model. It never has been. You can count on one hand the number of agencies serving the small business space that have been able to scale. Most of them get just enough clients, and then they get stuck trading their time for money without enough margins to be able to really scale their business.

HighLevel is training everybody in the industry that there are better models.

A better business model for you and your customers.

I know first-hand the impact of the right model combined with powerful technology like that of HighLevel – it’s exactly what allowed me to grow my Agency so fast.

Make the transformation!

So you may be wondering, “Mike, if you’re saying that the digital agency business isn’t a good business model, then what am I supposed to do after watching this video?

Transform from selling services that are based on time and talent, to a business model that’s based on assets and automation!

A business model that leverages HighLevel to create automated recurring revenue, and higher margins, and is not trading your time for money.

It’s a subtle shift in mindset that leads the way. That is what HighLevel is teaching more and more people in the digital agency space to understand and expect.

If you’d like to learn more about how I work with agencies to help them make that transition. I encourage you to learn more about my High-Leverage Agency program, which teaches Agencies to fully embrace the strategies of scalability and integrates completely with the HighLevel software platform.

Thank you so much!

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